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Lindgren Galloway

Theatre Maker • Educator • Scholar



Sofia (she/her/hers) is a theatre-maker, educator, and scholar currently living in the Greater Boston Area, though she is a Mid-Westerner at heart. She approaches her work from a feminist and social justice lens, has a penchant for physical storytelling, and is obsessed with the intersections of STEM and the arts. She is recently received an MFA in Theatre Education and Applied Theatre at Emerson College.


Theatre Maker: With a background in producing, directing and devised theatre, Sofia has worked with Emerson Stage, Ten Thousand Things, The Jungle Theatre, Theatre Pro Rata, Lyric Arts of Anoka, and 20% Theatre. Her creative work highlights the stories of young women and values storytelling over spectacle.


Educator: Sofia has worked as an educator/facilitator in urban and rural schools, theatres, museums, and ASD therapeutic programs teaching drama, science, and other subjects. Her applied theatre and drama education work uses arts-integration to explore how performance can be used to solve problems and reveal new truths about society, technology, and ourselves.


Scholar: Her scholarship works to understand how our media, cultural institutions, and education systems can work to better develop a society that is curious, collaborative, and critically-engaged. Current projects include examining how arts-integration programs could be used in secondary STEM curricula and the outcomes of drama-pedagogies in therapeutic settings for youth.

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