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Sofia has been directing plays and musicals since 2008. She is drawn to stories about women and is a champion of radical access to theatre spaces for both artists and audience. From classics to new-work, she always places the story and playwright's vision at the center of the work to create a non-hierarchical and collaborative environment. Sofia enjoys mixing puppetry, video, music, dance, and other performance methods into her work. 
Sofia is an MA/MFA candidate in the Theatre Education and Applied Theatre program at Emerson College.

What others have to say:

"Sofia is one of the most organized, hardworking, and trustworthy theatre artists that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. If you need to count on someone to get a job done well and on time, Sofia is absolutely the person that you should work with!"

    -David Hanzal, Artistic Director, Collective Unconscious Performance

"Sofia is a smart, empathic, and intuitive director. She is always in control of the room while allowing everyone involved to feel heard and respected. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again."​ - Bethany McHugh, Actor

"The project I worked with her on tasked her with bringing a philosophy heavy text to life with a cast of varied experience. Galloway never abandoned advocating for all the richness of the text to make the job easier for less experienced performers and never let her desire for rigorous, well made art force her cast beyond what they could handle. She created a team that was focused on helping each other achieve as much as they were capable of in honor of the text. That is exactly the sort of person I would trust my art in the hands of, either as a writer or a producer." - Travid Bedard, Actor



The Ever and After

A super-intelligent cockroach and his feral human ward discover a robotic woman in the ruins of civilization. Together, they must put aside their differences and venture into the belly of the human settlement to find the truth about this new world.

"a play that will charge your empathetic capacitors" -Twin Cities Theater Bloggers

"Sofia Lindgren Galloway directs The Ever and After as if she believes every word... [and] moves the play's two acts at a brisk pace that keeps us engaged." -Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

A to Z

A to Z

A to Z  follows the relationship of Annie (white) and Zafiya (black and queer) through forty years of U.S. history (1968-2008) and all the letters of the alphabet.

I, The Dysmorphic Dysphoric

I, The Dysmorphic Dysphoric

I, The Dysmorphic Dysphoric tells the story of a young trans person as their struggle with food and gender identity intersect. Equal parts memory and dissertation, ITDD explores the intersection between innate identity and what is informed by social constructs.

" brutally honest and so flawlessly performed that it still haunts me hours after seeing it." - Cassandra Snow, The Column

Reinventing the Wolf

Reinventing The Wolf: a little red tale about big gray areas

Sorrel's friends know weekends are for wine, essays are for later, it's easy to spot a monster in the woods, and there's a clear line drawn between "yes" and "no." Sorrel isn't sure about anything at all. Inspired by the often fraught conversations surrounding sexual assault on college campuses and consent in a hookup culture, five women explore why it’s so hard to distinguish between ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

"...a superior aspect of the genre..."

- Womb with a View

"an ambitious show... demonstrates why the kind of conversations that shows like this engender are so critical."

- Jay Gabler, The Tangental

"This is why we see theatre: To see our stories on stage and know we're not alone. Fascinating writing, seamless direction, powerful female ensemble." - Audience Review

"A show with the courage to hold back" - Audience Review



Oklahoma Territory, 1906: The folks of Claremore learn to look past their differences by watching the unlikely courtships between young lovers.

“… a great show for the whole family to enjoy... [Lindgren Galloway] has managed to stage a fairly elaborate show with minimal set and lighting in an unconventional space.”

-Monica Coenen, The Post-Crescent



Antigone has grown older. The shift from childhood to adulthood blurs the lines of truth and morality and creates tensions across generations. When those lines are blurred, a battle is inevitable, and she must decide to live with lies or die for truth.


Waiting... a song cycle

Told through musical vignettes a la Jason Robert Brown and Pasek and Paul, Waiting... follows five couples as love is found and lost.


The Vagina Monologues

A collection of stories by a diverse group of women centered around the vagina as a symbol of womanhood, strength, and life.


Assistant Director

Sofia has assisted at Theatres in Minnesota and Massachusetts such as: Ten Thousand Things, The Jungle Theatre, Frank Theatre, Theatre Pro Rata, Collective Unconsious Performance, and Emerson College.

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