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Adventure, femme power, pirates

Hey everyone! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's been a while, but most of the things I've been working on had to stay a secret! Thankfully, I can finally share what I've been up to for the last few months. Last fall, I worked with Collective Unconsious Performance, doing some research for their upcoming production, Le Cirque Féerique by Emily Dendinger and conceived by David Hanzal. I joined them again in February for a workshop and reading of the play at the Alliance Française. Working with David and Emily again was such a treat! The story revolves around several ladies of King Louis XIV' court who are responsible for elevating European fairy tales into the literary tradition. While their names have mostly been erased form the history books, CUP is resurrecting their fabulous, scandalous, groundbreaking lives and tales. Make sure to keep tabs on this lovely show! I was also in extra in their film Little Red by David Hanzal and Laura Lechner.

But, the REALLY big news is my latest directing project. I'm currently collaborating with playwright, Courtney Stirn, to create a new play about a pirate princess, called Rebel Princess! Last autumn, I approached Courtney about adapting a story I found in a children's book about a princess who runs off and becomes one of the most feared pirates on the seven seas. That tale is based on the Hasidic story "The King and the Emperor." We read a first draft of the script in March with some talented friends. A month later, we spent five days workshopping the music, movement, characters, and ending of the play with the most insightful, talented, and funny femmes we would find. The workshop culminated in an invited reading for friends and colleagues. When asked for three words to describe the piece, our wonderful collaborators said: adventure, utopian, choral, clever, independent, freedom, fantastical, femme power, tender, f*** the patriarchy, f*** the binary, and pirates (of course). You do NOT want to miss out on the fun! Stay tuned for more about this play.

In my other life, as a museum educator, I've been just as busy. Since January, I've been to Philadelphia, California, all over St. Paul, and 45 minutes south of the Canadian boarder. I've played Thomas Edison, Mary Shelley, a sports scientist, and a nano-science expert. I've created massive fire balls and explained electrolytes to kids of all ages. I've developed new STEM programming about the science of space and helped other educators be more intentional in the way they engage girls in STEM as a SciGirls trainer. And all of that in the last four months!

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