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Big News!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Happy spring! Lots of fun news to share.

Next year, I’ll be directing two shows written by the wonderful playwright Rachel Teagle. I’ll also be co-producing a new puppet theatre performance with music for Collective Unconscious Performance. Updates are below:

The Ever and After, by Rachel Teagle

In December, I’ll be directing a new play for Theatre Pro Rata about a cockroach and an Amazon who walk into an apocalypse.

A modern science fiction parable about the dehumanization of women. The play follows a super-intelligent cockroach and his feral human ward who discover a robotic woman in the ruins of civilization. Together, they muse put aside their differences and venture into the belly of a human settlement to find the truth about the new world. Informed by a gleeful pastiche of high and low culture, this funny and feminist story centers the experiences of women and interrogates how the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives.

I directed a scene from The Ever and After last summer for Little Lifeboat's TEASE festival. I was so in love with the story I had to share it with everyone. Thankfully, Theatre Pro Rata loved the script too and selected it for their next season with me at the helm! This is my third time working with Theatre Pro Rata. In 2014 I was an intern on 1984 and was the assistant director on Up: The Man in the Flying Chair in 2017. For more about Theatre Pro Rata and their upcoming season, click here.

Maiden Voyage, By Rachel Teagle

In May 2020, Rachel and I are teaming up again to bring the Twin Cities a brand new play about Women+ pirates! I’ve been chipping away at this one for a while and now that I have the perfect writer, I’m ready to bring this one to life! Maiden Voyage will be produced by Collective Unconscious Performance.

Collective Unconscious Performance

Speaking of my company, since joining as associate artistic director last fall, David and I have been busy writing grants, workshopping future shows, and giving our logo a makeover! Now, we’re embarking on our most ambitious season ever. In the fall, we’re producing a brand new night of theatre, puppets, and music inspired by fairy tales about the transformational power of love called Into the Darkness. Maiden Voyage will follow, and we’ll close out the season with Tiny, a toy theatre spectacle for young audiences. Follow along with us, here. We’re so excited to dive into this season and we can’t do it alone. To support all this new work, you can help us out with a gift by visiting our GiveMN page. The first $1,000 in donations made in support of our upcoming season are being doubled by a matching grant from a long time supporter - so your gift will have twice the impact.

The Bakken Museum

In my Bakken Museum life, we’re also gearing up for our busiest summer yet! We’ll see over 700 students with 4 hours of STEM programming about ‘The Science of Me’ in less than 10 weeks, we’re doing a library tour for Carver County in July, and at the end of May, we’ll premier our brand new assembly Minnovation about Minnesota innovators and inventions.

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