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New, new, new

New, new new! Alright, I know I said I would check back a little earlier, but I was waiting on a few exciting things to become official.

First, a recap:

1: I did not get into grad school. Thanks for all the support. I was bummed at first, but I received some great feedback from Northwestern. Fun fact: getting your masters before your Ph.D. is sometimes helpful! I will certainly re-apply to masters programs, but I’ve going to give myself another year or two.

2: I closed Romeo and Juliet which was great, and I probably won’t stage manage ever again. Haha.

3: The Lyric Arts classes went really well. The Silverstein crew worked really hard and my Dahl’s world crew was very creative.

4: Rehearsing for Up: the Man in the Flying Chair was a BLAST and I can’t wait to watch the cast enjoy a great run! Get your tickets here.

Now, the new:

1: I have a new apartment! If you are someone who likes to send things via snail mail, send me a message and I’ll let you know how to find me.

2: I’ve started tweeting. If that’s your thing, my handle is: @SofiaWithTheF

3: I have a new look to my website, clearly. I’ll be using this page for updates and as a blog space. My first post is about some recent drama and reflecting on my directing career so far. That post can be found below or to your right in “featured posts.”

I am challenging myself to write more, and this is where you’ll find the fruits of that labor. Another goal for this summer is to beef up that “praise” page as well as my “Teaching” page… we’ll see if that happens with all the other fun stuff that’s going on!

4: I’m participating in TEASE for the first time. I’ll be directing the first scene from A to Z by Monica Raymond. It is a REALLY great play and she is looking for someone to produce it. So… if you’re trying to round out your season with a rad play starring 3 women and packed with adventure, hit me up… or just get in touch with Monica. More about TEASE, Monica, and A to Z by clicking the links above.

5: I’m getting back together with David Hanzal and Collective Unconscious Performance for a production of SKINS at The Minnesota Fringe. Based on The Tale of A Thousand Furs, Allerleirauh, and Donkeyskin, this fairy tale has been reimagined into a lovely story about a woman finding her identity beyond the social positions she’s expected to adhere to. A link to the Fringe profile will be available July 1st. In the meantime, find more information here.

6: I’m teaching two workshops at Lyric Arts this summer. “Acting Out 2: Realm of Peculiar Children” will run from June 26-30 with. “Diaries of Wimpy Kids” will run from July 31-August 4. I’m really looking forward to reading some teen lit in preparation!

7: I have a NEW JOB!!! I am so excited to announce that I've accepted a position as the Community Programs Outreach Coordinator at The Bakken Museum, a science museum focusing on electrical and medical science (with a special exhibit about Mary Shelly and Frankenstein)! I will be facilitating relationships between the museum and outside groups (libraries, scout troops, after school programs, etc.) as well as performing/teaching in the museum and the community. The Bakken's education programs are performance based, so I get to dust of my acting skills again!

Every time I say “I don’t have any upcoming projects,” or “I’ve got a little break coming up,” a huge opportunity falls into my lap. So, with that being said, “Starting in August, I will have tons of time to travel, write, read, and be outside. I have nothing theatrical going on and loads of free time and energy.”

Until next time,


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