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Summer recap and fall preview

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

As I said in my last post, I have joined Collective Unconsious Performance as their Associate Artistic Director. I’ve worked with CUP on several productions including The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Skins, and was part of the research team for their upcoming production Le Cirque Féerique. I’ll be assisting the artistic director, David Hanzal, with administrative duties and taking on more artistic roles in other upcoming projects including directing their fall 2019 production of my pirate play!

Speaking of pirates- I’m in full swing of a second workshop of my pirate play. We’ve got new people in the room, new text, and lots of new ideas to explore (like the amazing lift Victoria and Mickaylee are practicing above). We’re generating as much content as possible, which I will compile into a script this winter. This play has been a long time coming and I have to give a few shoutouts to the folks who are making this workshop possible:

I want to thank Evan for leaving me alone in the apartment for several days, which forced me to talk to this play instead of another human being. Libby- thank you for letting me argue with you and shut down every single good idea you had. They really were great ideas and inspired the whole structure of the latest draft. Of course, I have to thank David for an intense willingness to mentor and collaborate. And finally, many thanks to a bottle of rose, several hard seltzers, a few avocados, and more coffee than any person should ever consume- oh, and my A/C unit.

You can keep up with all of that fun by following me on social media and Collective Unconscious Performance on Instagram and facebook.

Back in July, I had the pleasure of directing a piece for Little Lifeboats’ annual new play festival, TEASE. I was able to tackle Minneapolis playwright Rachel Teagle’s dystopian adventure, The Ever and After. If you missed TEASE, or you loved the scene so much you want to experience the whole play, you are in luck! A local company has agreed to include it in their play reading series. They haven't announced it yet, so I won't spill the beans for them... but keep the evening of October 17th free if you want to hear more.

As always, I’m busier than ever with The Bakken Museum. We brought our 4 hour Science of Space residency to over 700 2nd-5th graders this summer. We threw a stellar star party, brought a whole lot of FrankenFun to Pipestone MN, showed the State Fair some great innovations in sports and that’s all in the last week! This fall, in addition to our regular programs, we’ll be traveling all over greater Minnesota to see middle and high schooler’s with our Frankenstein programming. Keep up with all that’s happening at The Bakken Museum on their Instagram and facebook.

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